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CASE STUDY: The Wedding

3 Events: Evening Cocktail Party, Sunday Brunch, Afternoon Fashion Show
2 Venues: The South and the King Edward Hotel
1 Day: All three events take place over a 24 hour period

That was the challenge Davaine Lighting was presented with in lighting this unique annual event.

“The Wedding” is a bridal showcase that celebrates the talents of Jackson area event planners, cake artisans, florists, musicians, wedding boutiques, rental companies, banquet facilities, caterers, photographers…the list goes on and on! Over the course of 24-hours, guests experience first-hand the creativity and skill that each of the designers bring to the table to produce memorable occasions. (Did we mention the talents of lighting designers?) Davaine Lighting was called upon to give each of the events their own unique feel.

The first event to take place was an evening cocktail party located at Jackson’s new downtown warehouse venue The South. The approach to lighting this rustic wide-open space was to keep in theme with the marketing materials for the event which consisted of a palette of blue hues and focused on wedding cakes inspired by guest of honor and legendary cake artist, Sylvia Winestock. The brick walls of The South were grazed in varying shades of cyan and deep blue while each of the Sylvia Winestock-inspired cakes were highlighted with a natural warm glow. The delicious food also had to look…ahem…delicious, and blue light doesn’t make things too appetizing. Davaine Lighting’s attention to detail made sure that each food station was naturally lit and that the variety of flower arrangements were true to their intended appearance.

Next up was a Sunday morning brunch held at Jackson’s iconic landmark, the King Edward Hotel. The brunch featured an inspiring audio-visual presentation and conversation given by The Wedding’s guest of honor Sylvia Winestock. Davaine Lighting focused attention on Miss. Weinstock using theatrical lighting techniques to ensure that she was well lit, but also making sure that her video presentation was not flooded with unwanted light. The walls and expansive arched ceiling of the King Edward’s ballroom were lit in warm amber and yellow tones to represent a bright morning sunrise. After the brunch, guests exited the ballroom and were treated to a variety of presentations in the hotel’s multiple conference rooms.

The finale to The Wedding was a gathering of the attendees in the King Edward’s ballroom for an exquisite bridal fashion show. Since this closing event was in the same space as the previous brunch, organizers relied heavily on Davaine Lighting to define the fashion runway and to transform the ballroom’s ambiance into a completely new venue. Davaine Lighting accomplished these tasks using contrasting magenta and blue uplighting on the ballroom’s perimeter walls and crisp white light centered down the runway. Davaine Lighting was also called upon to provide the show’s audio system which projected a modern upbeat club feel to the room. The fashion show’s ending featured energetic lighting cues and movements causing the room to change colors and pulsate with the music.

The Wedding was a great example of Davaine Lighting’s ability to visually tie together a series of occasions with a common thread, but also transform multiple event spaces into new and exciting places. Our special event lighting designs are capable of meeting the toughest demands of today’s high-end events, and our team of talented technicians can produce amazing results that continue to wow guests week after week.

We’d like to thank all of the many vendors and partners who gave us great flowers, cakes, food, gowns and musicians to light for The Wedding, and a special thank you to Brian Hull of Hull Portrait Studio for his great photos of the occasion. Fresh Cut Catering & Floral by Wendy Putt, Cakes by Iris, The Cake Diva, The Chill, Magnolia String Quartet, Hull Portraits Studio, Top It Off, Emily Myers Garner, Shanna Lumpkin Events, Kendall Poole, Kristina Myers of Blush, Orman Jewelers, Tulip Floral Studio, Adam Hudson Photography, Mississippi Tent, A Southern Affair, Alex & Lele, Bella Bridesmaid, Mollygee Designs, The Bridal Path, Tuxes Too